Max DietBurn

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img src http fatlosspro wp content plugins max banner ads Jan The Momentum Day Slim Down Review I ve never had this kind of success with any other weight loss product

Why is it so effective? Why is weight loss so quick? What's the science behind the product?

Max DietBurn works by suppressing appetite

MaxDietBurn Saved My Marriage!

After 8 years of marriage and 3 kids I had put on a huge number of pounds and was a size 12. Frankly I wasn't the slender girl my husband had married - at least physically. We still loved each other but had grown apart physically and practically stopped having sex.

I began taking Max DietBurn and knew immediately that things were going to get better. My appetite which previously had controlled me... was now under my control and not a problem. My energy level was thru the roof and my metabolism was like a furnace. I began to lose pounds and before long I was down to a size 4! Once again my husband began wanting to make love... actually maybe even more than when we first began having sex. Max DietBurn is great!

Nicole, 31
and increasing fat burning and increasing your metabolism and energy levels. You will easily achieve your desired weight loss goals while maintaining healthy levels of nutrition. You accomplish this by naturally eating less due to your decreased appetite. Taking in significantly less calories while turning up your metabolism results in rapid but safe loss of unwanted fat and pounds.

The increased energy you will feel from your higher metabolism rate will have you feeling younger and ready to tackle anything your day throws at you. Taking Max DietBurn fat burning diet pills is guaranteed to work for you and also be the easiest method to lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

Just look at the powerful weight loss herbs in this product:

Hoodia Gordonii – Probably one of the most popular natural appetite suppressants available. Scientists believe that this cactus like plant, native to south Africa, works by tricking the hunger receptors in the brain to think that the body is full, similar to the mechanism of action of glucose, however 10,000 times stronger.

Although Hoodia is not a stimulant, it has been reported by consumers to have energy increasing and mood lifting effects. However it is thought that this is due to the users' improved health and self confidence. Our Max DietBurn capsules contain a powerful 10x strength concentrated Hoodia extract

Green Tea - The thermogenic

I love the new me!

As I promised when I reorded I'm sending you pictures of before and after... can you believe this? Well probably you can since you hear from many women, and guys too I suppose, but really I'm so happy with these results! I love Max DietBurn.

Ladies... give it a try, you'll love it too.

Carol, 46
effect of green tea, appears to be attributed to the synergistic interaction between the 2 main chemicals catechin-polyphenols and caffeine which augment and prolong sympathetic stimulation of thermogenesis. “Thermogenesis” is the process where increased energy causes fat to be released into the blood stream and burnt as fuel.

The Green Tea Extract in Max DietBurn contains a concentrated 95% polyphenols.

Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium) - This herb contains the CNS stimulant, oxedrine and is used as a popular safe alternative to ephedrine.

Citrus aurantium contains five andrenergic amines including synephrine and tyramine, which stimulate the beta-3 cell receptors, promoting the breakdown of fat. The breakdown of fat causes the release of noradrenaline at the beta-3 receptor sites which increases the rate at which fat is released from the body stores and also increases the resting metabolic rate.

It is also believed that oxedrine acts as an appetite suppressant. The extract of Bitter Orange used in the Max DietBurn formula has be standardized to contain 20% oxedrine, with 50mgs in each capsule.